Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Urban Decay Revamped

The other day my favorite beauty bloggers were tweeting some odd things. They were taking pictures of an urban decay token looking thing that they received in the mail. They finally revealed to us "regular" folks what was going on. Urban Decay completely revamped their eye shadows.

According to their website they have
1) A new formula that is softer, denser, smoother, and longer lasting!
2) A new shade selection that includes 68 shades of best-sellers, new shades, and fan favorites that come in the five finishes of satin, shimmer, sparkle, duotone, and matte!
3) A new package that allows you to pop the shadow out of the "Subway token" and add it to their custom palette.

I'm so excited to try the new shadows! I especially happy because my absolute favorite color from the original Naked palette is now available to purchase on its own! I use this color not only on my eyes but as my eyebrow color. It was a perfect color of not too dark and not too light and matte.

I'm not so sure about the price. I'd have to try the products first. Each eye shadow is $18. The custom palette is also $18. The palette is definitely worth the $18. It comes with one exclusive color called "Walk of Shame" as well as a travel size brush. The website says this is the short term price so I would get it while its such a deal!

Yay for Urban Decay! :)

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